3 Natural Remedies for Fleas in Your Yard

Here at Barkly Grove, we love a good home remedy. Anytime we can utilize a natural solution, we’re on it. The fewer chemicals we can expose ourselves, our families, and our pets to the better.

Savannah has beautiful, warm weather most of the year.  While we enjoy it, it also means that critters like fleas can live amongst us year-round. Fleas can be very invasive little critters and can be difficult to get rid of.  Here are three natural solutions for helping to keep fleas from taking up residence in your yard.



ONE: Clear the Clutter

Remove yard waste that can become a cozy little home for fleas.  You probably already know that standing water and moist areas are breeding grounds for mosquitos but fleas love a good hiding place too. They get cozy in piles of yard waste and then feast when you and your pups are in the yard.

Lots of other things like those waste piles too… like snakes.  Keeping the yard free of debris is a good idea to help ensure that your pet is the only animal inhabiting your backyard.


TWO: Plants

There are some plants that naturally repel creepy crawlers and high jumpers alike.  Here are three of the prettiest (in our humble opinion) and some of the most fragrant plants to add to your garden.

Chrysanthemums – come in so many colors.  Depending upon the particular breed, some are perennials so they’ll come back year after year.  I personally am not a fan of annuals, just because I have to spend the money on them year after year. However, do happen to love changing out the colors of my flower beds to match the season.  A few annual mums can really spruce up the curb appeal and keep your furry family flea-free.

Lavender – Lining the edge of a yard with lavender can be so pretty.  Lavender also adds a little height to your garden and can also serve as a bit of a barrier wall between your house and your neighbor.  It also has so many healing components like helping people relax.  What’s more relaxing than being out in your backyard looking out onto your beautiful garden and your puppy playing.  I think I just destressed a couple of notches just thinking of it.

Spearmint – I do love an edible solution.  You’ll probably see a theme in our blogs.  Our entire team are big fans of snacks and puppies! Spearmint is a fantastic flea repellent and tastes great in a hot cup of tea.


THREE: Cedar

You can spread cedar chips around the perimeter of your yard.  Lots of little critters, fleas included, do not like the smell of cedar so it is a natural deterrent. I happen to love the smell of cedar so that’s a win/win.

Perhaps the most cost-effective and practical way to integrate cedar into your yard is to begin using cedar mulch in your flower beds.  It serves a dual purpose in protecting the roots of the plants from the elements and from bugs.


We aren’t exactly master gardeners or not even close really but we do love a beautiful and fragrant backyard.  If that also helps us keep critters from calling our backyard home, we’re willing to give this brown thumb another try.

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