3 Things to do the Morning You Leave for Vacation

Getting ready to go on vacation is super exciting but also takes a lot of planning. You have to book the plane tickets, the rental car, and reserve that perfect room with an ocean view.  Let’s not forget to call Barkly Grove to take care of your fur babies while you’re away.  You my friend are an excellent planner and you are well on your way to sippin’ fruity drinks by the pool.  There are, however, a few things that we recommend you do to ensure that your fur babies don’t miss you too much while you’re away.


Here are our top three tips that can be done in a few short minutes just before you walk out the door on the morning of your vacation:


Tip #1 –  Scented Security Blanket

Put an old shirt in your dog or cat’s bed or crate so that they feel like you are still with them even though you are away.  Animals are comforted by the scent of their people.  They love you and do not understand your need to travel or to put your toes in the Caribbean sand.  All they know is that their humans left them.  Animals are smart but there’s no evidence to support that they have any concept of time or comprehension that you’ll be back in a week.


Tip #2 – Snack Time is the Best Time

Leave their favorite treats on the counter.  We always bring our own treats but your pets will feel a bit more like normal if they still get the same treats that their pawrents give them.  Remember that we want to keep things as normal and routine for your pets as possible while you are away.  Access to favorite toys and treats are a must.


Tip #3 – Secure the House

Walk through the house and close all bedroom and bathroom doors before you leave.  Animals sometimes feel anxious when left alone for long periods of time and you do not want them to have too much access throughout the house if they do experience some anxiety.  When animals get anxious, they can sometimes act out and be a bit destructive.  This certainly doesn’t happen all the time but you can safeguard your home to put a barrier between them and things that could harm them. Give them access to the rooms that they use the most and close any doors to rooms that may have medications, cleaning supplies, or other chemicals that they could get into and potentially hurt themselves.


All of this can be accomplished in a few short minutes, right before you leave for vacation.  All of these small things will help your pet feel safe and as normal as possible while you’re away.

Perhaps the most beautiful part about going on vacation is returning home from vacation and have your pets greet you at the door tails a waggin’.  So, go.  Enjoy your vacation.  Trust that Barkly Grove is taking amazing care of your fur babies while you lounge poolside.

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