Brain Games for Dogs

Brain games keep animals sharp and entertained. These are fantastic if your dog is an only child. One pet households need to show the dogs a little more attention than multiple pet households because the dogs don’t have anyone else to play with but their humans.

Another benefit: Puzzle games are a great way to distract dogs that have a bit of separation anxiety. Most dogs will get distracted by the game and forget all about the feelings of the humans leaving them alone. While this isn’t a fool-proof method of curing separation anxiety, it certainly can help and also cut down on all the barking when you first leave the house.

Here are a few of our favorite brain games:


Hide ‘n’ Treat

I think the makes of this puzzle treat toy had the humans in mind too. In this one you get to build and create different shapes for your dog to figure out. These games are built tough. They know that dogs are going to do all that they can to open the pieces to get to the yummy treat inside.

Depending upon the configuration, you can create five different difficulty levels for your pup. Just when they think they’ve cracked the code, you get to change it up and create even more of a challenge.



Interactive Puzzle Game

This is an advanced interactive game. If your dog is used to puzzle games and thinks they are a little too easy or they seem to get bored with them quickly, this is the game to up the anty. This one is called the boredom buster. It’s a little challenging and a lot of fun.


Activity Mat

This activity mat has several games all built into one fun zone. It helps with training for dogs that are being taught to hunt or those in training for search and rescue … it’s a great smell exercise.

Perhaps the absolute best feature of this activity mat is the fact that it folds up neatly into a little pouch that can travel well. These days people are traveling with their pets as much as possible. This folds up and fits nicely inside your suitcase. This will:

1. Bring a sense of home with the animal.

2. Be something that you can pack that won’t take up a lot of room.

3. Provide your pet loads of entertainment while you’re out exploring.

While this one is advertised mostly for dogs, your cats are sure to love this as well. It’s going to be a ton of fun for all your four-legged family members.



These are only a few of our favorites. Y’all be sure and visit the blog often as we regularly feature products that we feel will enhance the lives of your pets and you, the keeper of the pets.

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