DIY Dog Grooming Tools

Grooming can be tricky but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be a full on production. I’ve never had a dog that needed to be professionally groomed. I think dogs that are groomed are absolutely adorable but in my house hold we love short haired dogs and do things as budget friendly as possible. That includes bath time for the pups in the same bathtub the humans bathe in. We may use the the same tub but we don’t always use the same tools. There are some great grooming tools that will help make your grooming sessions more enjoyable and safer for you and your pups.


Pet Hair Dryer

Drying the dog can be a dreaded part of the at-home grooming process. Have you ever had to practically hold you pet down to blow dry them? We’ve all done it.
Our human hair dryers can work just fine but they can also be a little frightening to the pup and feel a bit like punishment. The pups do not enjoy being held in one spot for an extended period of time.

Dogs don’t really get the fact that they need to be dried before they can return to their favorite spot on the couch. They’re just ready to do zoomies around the house. I don’t know what it is about a bath that makes every dog want to do zoomies up and down the halls.

You can however change the experience for both you and your dog. When you use a dryer specific to pets, you don’t have to hold the pup down or in place. You can let them relax and brush them dry. It might take a little longer than using the human hair dryer but so worth it to make the pup feel relaxed and loved during their at home grooming experience. Here’s a great dryer to start with:


Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Clipping your dog’s nails can be traumatic… more so for you than the dog. They don’t really enjoy it much but the human has to worry about over clipping and making your pups bleed. It’s never pleasant when you do that.

When choosing nail clippers, it’s important to find some that have a safety guard. This helps you to avoid over cutting your dog’s nails. Also, find a pair of clippers that feel good and don’t slip in your hand. If the clippers are wobbly in your hand, you’re more likely to have an accident and over cut. Here are our favorite clippers. Click the image and purchase yours today.


Still not sure what products are best, here are a few questions to ask your groomer.


Do you have a favorite product or story about grooming your dog? Send it to us. Simply fill out the contact form below or email us at: We’d love to feature you and your pup on our social media page.

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