Organic Dog Treats

Let’s talk dog treats! If you know us at all, you know that the whole team here at Barkly Grove are all HUGE fans of snacks! So much so that a couple of us were at the gym at 5:30 this morning but this isn’t about us or the chocolate-covered snacks we need to work off. Much like Planet Fitness – this is a judgment-free zone. However, this does mean one thing. We all need some healthier snacks so we can save our knees on the treadmill.

The world is moving back to nature and organic products are working to limit the number of ‘extra’ chemicals we all consume. Just as we humans do not need the extra chemicals, your pups do not need them either. I’ve compiled a list of some of the yummiest organic dog treats. Some of these look good enough for the pawrents to eat! I’ll admit that I got super hungry writing this one!


Who is this Grandma Lucy?

I’m kinda wishing Grandma Lucy was my grandma. No offense Abuela. These treats look delish!
Your dog deserves to eat just as healthy as you. These treats come in apple, pumpkin, and blueberry flavors. Hello… YUM! I just love the fact that every member of the family, regardless of how many legs they have, can now eat what mother nature always intended us to eat. These treats are all about the fruit. Wait, is pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?


Grain-Free Dog Treats

I am in love with these grain-free dog treats. These are fantastic for senior dogs who are developing sensitive stomachs. They are even soft. The folks at Wellness thought of everything. Having had a senior dog before, I know just how important easily digestible food is. Limiting belly aches is a high priority for pawrents of senior dogs. Disclaimer, this product does not make these claims, I’m simply pointing out some reasons why someone would consider feeding grain-free treats to their pets.


Nature Gnaws Beef Jerky

You had me at beef jerky! The fact that that they are made by Nature Gnaws is a huge bonus! Seriously, they list ONE ingredient – beef gullet! Beef gullet is known to be a good source of chondroitin and aids in joint health. Not only are they going to be more easily digestible with one simple product, but they are also going to be a good source of joint help for those senior or just super active pups. Oh… and… these look good enough to eat.

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