Pet Friendly Makers

We are very passionate about supporting local businesses, especially pet-friendly businesses. If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, you know that we love highlighting all of the pet-friendly places, services and products in Savannah. Today is no exception. Today, we are talking about all things locally made for pets.

Savannah has always had a lot of artisans and crafts folks that make up the richness of our unique local fabric. Recently with organizers like Made by Makers and Maker Mavens, maker events are becoming a regular thing. A very cool thing in our book. I’m not a very crafty person myself. I’m the kind of person who watches all the videos and says I should try that. I think I could do that. Then when I try, all of my projects come out looking like the end result of that baking show, Nailed It. I’m the queen of Pinterest fails. At this point, it’s best that I simply stop trying.

These folks, they got the maker gene. Here are a couple of our favorite local pet-focused makers:


The Bearded Lady Bandanas

Besides just having a cool name, they make some pretty cute doggie bandanas or if you’re feeling really bougie, perhaps you’d call it a scarf. These are locally made and hand printed designs. Talk about a labor of love. Their fabric designs are incredible and diverse. You are sure to find one that fits your pup’s personality. We especially adore the bow ties because every young man should represent like a charming southern gentleman.

Perhaps the best part about this vendor is that Millie actually does have a beard. Millie is the dog in case you were wondering. Go see Millie for yourself.


Pawsatively Delicious

We’ve heard of cat café’s but today we’re bringing you pawsatively delicious dog treats from a dog café. They provide homemade dog treats to all the local pups. Y’all, they even deliver. Love this! Life happens and we all get busy. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice healthy snacks for your fur babies because you’re busy.

Their seasonal snacks are just plain adorable. They look almost good enough for the two-legged kind to eat but we won’t. I’m just going to say pupcakes and park that right there. While we can’t vouch for the taste personally, the pups sure seem to like them.



You can find both of these local pet-friendly makers at local maker’s markets and pet-friendly events. Y’all be sure to say hello to them for us and remember to shop local small businesses.

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