Top 2 Things to Ask Your Groomer

Don’t hesitate to contact your groomer – even for at-home grooming tips. They know that you’re not going to bring your pet in for a full grooming for every small little issue. Groomers build relationships with your pets and grow to care about them. Their greatest concern is the animal’s health.

We recently consulted with Pupper Spaw Dog Grooming and asked Baeli how DIYers can make sure they are well equipped for a little at-home spa day for their fur babies. She gave us two great questions you should ask your groomer:


Grooming Question 1: How Often to Bathe Your Pet?

Your groomer is the absolute best person to help you determine how often your pet needs to be bathed. Each animal is different and has different sensitivity levels for their skin type. There may also be over-the-counter products you can use to help reduce dander and smell in between baths.

No one wants their house to smell like dogs or cats but over bathing can cause serious skin irritations that make your pet uncomfortable and can even be painful. Consult your groomer if your pet has sensitive skin and begins to form an odor in between baths.

Grooming Question 2: What are the Best Tools for Matts?

Small matts happen regularly with long-haired dogs and most cats. What may seem like a small issue can become quite serious. Matts left unattended can begin to cut off circulation to the skin and cause irritation. Baeli recommends brushing your fur baby every day. She also highly recommends asking your groomer which brush or brushes are best for your pet’s hair type/texture. Hair brushes for animals are just as diverse as hair brushes for humans. You definitely want the right brush for your breed as it will make the brushing experience much smoother for you and your pet.


There are four main benefits to brushing daily:

1. Your pet loves it!
2. It’s relaxing for you too.
3. It helps to reduce the opportunity for matting.
4. If you brush daily, you’re more likely to recognize any abnormalities on your pet right away. Then you can raise any issues with your groomer or your vet right away before a small little skin irritation becomes a big vet bill.

Your groomer is more than happy to assist you whether you want a full spa day for fido or you just need a little advice with things like helping you find the perfect brush to use and best techniques for small matts. Groomers are a great resource for your pet’s health.


If you’re looking for expert grooming tips, we highly recommend that you check out to our friend Baeli. She shares incredibly valuable pet information on all her social pages. You can find her on Instagram @baeli_doggroomer and on Facebook @PupperGrooming

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