Traveling with Pets

For many, the deciding factor for where to vacation means figuring out where can we take the family pet. If you’re anything like me, you pack everything but the kitchen sink. I definitely fall into the over-packer category. I am also that person who has bags of things in the back of the car, you know, just in case. I like to be prepared. I would much rather pack the things I think I need and never use them when I get there than get there and not have something that I need.


Dog Travel Bag

I used to swear that I was packing a diaper bag for the dog. Every time I went somewhere, the dog had her own bag. Now, your dog can have her own bag. It comes complete with food storage options and collapsible food bowls so everything fits nicely and stores away nicely. Everything you need is neatly stored and ready for you so whether you’re going to take your dog with you on a family picnic to the local park or on a family vacation, everything is nicely stored and readily accessible.




4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover

This one is my favorite! My favorite feature of this cover is that it zips and unzips. That means if your fur kid is riding in the back seat with your human kid, the two-legged child can still put their feet down normally. The back of the driver and passenger seats are still protected from little paws that like to try to climb up to the front seat to be a part of the action. This is a 4-in1 convertible seat protector. For the small pups, simply set up the hammock. For extra protection, it comes with two seatbelts.




Trunk Cargo Liner

My girl used to ride in the back of the SUV. I found that she was more comfortable because she had more room for her feet to be stable. Her full-sized bed fit in the back too. It was her little home away from home whenever we traveled. I think I may buy one of these now… as we transport pets, it is definitely going to keep the pets more secure and comfy. The best part is that it’s waterproof and washable. Win! Win!



Whether you’re traveling near or far, keeping your pets safe and secure in the car is critical. These are just a few of our favorite travel items. Stay tuned to the blog as we regularly post our must-haves. Where’s the coolest place you’ve taken your pet?

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