Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Mother Earth needs our love and attention just as much as our animals do, that’s why we’re highlighting a few of our favorite eco-friendly pet products. We’re coupling doing good with having all the great things our fur babies deserve. Can I take a moment and get personal… I have to admit, I have often bought things out of pure convenience with little thought to the global impact they were having when I discarded them. As I’m getting older, I’d like to think that I’m also getting a bit wiser but the jury is still out on that one. If we can all start taking small steps, I’m a firm believer that they will have big impacts.

Let’s get the dirty business out of the way first.


Biodegradable Poo Bags

The irony of these is no loss on us!
Just like the book says, everyone poops. Doing a good deed like picking up after your animal should leave a footprint on our earth. These bags are made from corn and soybean oil. They come in Army Green so even though you’re doing something super kind and big-hearted, you can still look like a tough guy. Do you want to hear something that cracks me up? Well, it cracks me up that some of the poo bags have pretty designs on them… like the dog or the poo know that the bags are pretty. It’s purely for the pawrents who, out of pure love, have become human pooper scoopers. Check out these biodegradable poo bags.


Slow Feeder

This one is my favorites. I had a dog that would all but make herself sick because she ate so fast. I wish this dog bowl would have been around when my girl was still with us. This bowl is not only eco-friendly, non-toxic, choke resistant but it’s designed to be no-spill and comes with a non-skid silicone matt. That was a mouthful. That was a whole lot of incredible reasons to add this bowl to your pup’s mealtime routine. Their digestion will thank you for this one and your pup will likely have fewer tummy aches as well. Hello… win/win.


Eco-Friendly Training Pads

Training a new puppy or keeping your house clean with a senior dog with a senior bladder can be quite a daunting task. Pee pads are a must at some point with most dogs. These bamboo training pads made our favorite list because they’re reducing the use of plastic and we all know that plastic, although uber convenient, is piling up in landfills all over this globe. If that wasn’t compelling enough, let’s face it, pee stinks. You don’t want guests entering your home to smell your dog before they seem ‘em. Not only are these training pads earth-friendly but these deodorizing training pads are also odor reducing.

Have you tried any of these eco-friendly products? Are you going to? Tell us about it.

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