Resources for Moving with a Pet in Savannah

The Humane Society for Greater Savannah has some incredible resources to help you become and remain a responsible pet owner. There are far too many to list now but I do want to highlight a couple as the weather warms up, it’s moving season. Lots of folks will be moving from one home to another.  If you’re a renter, moving with a pet can be a bit tricky.


Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

First, you have to find a property and landlord that will allow your pet.  That is hands down the hardest part of moving with a pet.  I moved once as a renter with a large dog (55 pound German Short Hair Pointer). Having a dog was an issue and having a dog over 50 pounds dramatically limited my housing options.  My pup was the sweetest girl but her size was concerning for most property managers.

Thankfully, I found an incredible apartment that was pet friendly, and my pup and I both made some new friends. That apartment turned out to be one of my all-time favorite places to live.  It was an old stamping and embroidery factory.  The folks who converted the building did an incredible job of preserving much of the original features and it just gave the place a charm that new construction simply cannot replicate.  That apartment is one of the things I miss most after moving to Savannah.

If you’re moving to or within Savannah, you definitely need to check out the Humane Society’s list of pet-friendly housing. It’s a fantastic place to start.


Re-Homing Options

If for some reason you cannot take your pet with you when you move, you do not necessarily need to surrender your pet to a shelter or a rescue organization right away. They are certainly great resources for you but if you have a little time and would like to keep your pet as comfortable as possible for as long as possible during this transition, the Humane Society has a Re-Homing Feature on their website that allows you to list your pet for adoption while they are still in your home. For example, if you know you are moving in 60 days and sadly cannot take your fur baby with you, you can use this resource to list your pet on their site for those 60 days and prevent immediately surrendering your animal to a temporary living situation.  The move will be must less traumatic for the animal if they are able to go from permanent home to permanent home.


Shelters and rescue organizations are great but I’d bet they’d even tell you to keep the pet as comfortable as possible and try your best to re-home before surrendering.  These organizations can quickly become overrun with more animals than permanent homes.

Savannah is a very pet-friendly city. It is one of the things we love most about living here. Please do check out the many resources that the Humane Society for Greater Savannah has to offer. We’ve barely scratched the surface here.

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